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Tech Focus

10h00-10h20 - tba

10h20-10h40 - Skin microbioma- more than a claim - Keyser &                                  Mackay

10h40-11h00 - Raman spectroscopy – new applications on skin                               in-vivo evaluation - Pedro Contreiras Pinto, PHd Trials

12h00-12h20 - Deciphering Clinical Data: Transforming Findings                                into Tangible Claims - Inovapotek

12h20-12h40 - tba

12h40-13h00 - tba

16h00-16h20 - tba

16h20-16h40 - tba

16h40-17h00 - tba


08h30-09h00     Registration

09h00-09h30     Opening Session

Marta de Oliveira Ferreira, President of the Portuguese Society of Cosmetic Sciences (SPCC)

09h30-13h00     SESSION 1 – The Next Level of Sustainability: Innovations in Green Cosmetics

Chair: Carlos Maurício Barbosa, Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto

09h30-10h00     Conference - The Green Deal impact on Cosmetic Regulation

10h00-10h30     Conference - Unlocking Sustainability: Strategies for Achieving Eco-Friendly Formulas

10h30-10h45     Oral communication (to be selected)

10h45-11h00     Oral communication (to be selected)

11h00-12h00     Networking coffee-break, poster and exhibition visit

12h00-13h15     Round-table - Sustainable Formulas: Facing Challenges, Seeking Opportunities

Ana Maria Couras, Association of Cosmetics, Perfumery and Body Hygiene Industries (AIC)
Marta de Oliveira Ferreira, Portuguese Society of Cosmetic Sciences (SPCC)

13h15-15h00     Networking lunch

15h00-16h00     SESSION 2 – Next-Gen Cosmetics: Pushing the Boundaries with Technology

Chair: Catarina Rosado, CBIOS, Lusófona University

15h00-15h30     Conference - A Decade Without Animal Testing: Progress and Reflections

Ana Palmeira de Oliveira, Research Centre of Health Sciences (CICS), Beira Interior University (UBI) 

15h30-15h45     Oral communication (to be selected)

15h45-16h00     Oral communication (to be selected)

16h00-17h00     Networking coffee-break, poster and exhibition visit

17h00-18h30     SESSION 3 - The Next Frontier: AI and Digitalization in Cosmetics

Chair: Liliana Teles, Critical Catalyst

17h00-17h30     Conference - The Future of AI: What Comes Next?

17h30-18h00     Conference - Digital Transformations in Cosmetics

Rui Ferro, ABP Consultancy UK

18h00-18h15     Oral communication (to be selected)

18h15-18h30     Awards and Closing Session

Marta de Oliveira Ferreira, President of the Portuguese Society of Cosmetic Sciences (SPCC)




Mais informações brevemente. ​​​​​



Mais informações brevemente. ​​​​​

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